Live session recorded by Shane Holland now up on our Soundcloud!

RT @tauzero01: NEW! Mammoth 9-minute bleepfest from our live studio session with Shane Holland. Check it out.

New live session track!

Tau Zero - Showcase by shanevwf

So we went into the studio for a day with our friend Shane Holland. We rewired the entire building, then he recorded us live. And here’s the result! Storming.

Pre-recording practice set up…

Pre-recording practice set up…

Power supply crisis narrowly averted

Looking forward to a weekend of writing / remixing / recording! Studio on Sunday!

Recording this weekend! Expect bleepy electro blowout soon.

So, we’re pretty excited at the moment as this month saw the first official Tau Zero release, our remix of Pagan Wanderer Lu's Chemicals Like You as a b-side to the new PWL single.

This is just a taster of what’s yet to come from the Tau Zero camp, so keep your ears out…

Pagan Wanderer Lu - Chemicals Like You (Tau Zero Remix) by TauZero

Available now, together with the original and some exclusive b-sides, through Brainlove Records as digital download from all the usual places (iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat, eMusic, Play, etc.) and for this week as a free mp3 from 7digital as editor’s choice….awesome!

Tau Zero are Editor’s Choice at 7digital - Free download

Tau Zero’s debut release, a remix of Pagan Wanderer Lu's - Chemicals Like You, has been selected as Editor's Choice amongst the week's releases at music store 7digital, meaning you can download the Tau Zero reworking for free all this week!

Check out the accompanying review below and click the image to link to the 7digital download….

Props to PWL & Dreamtrak for the mastering.